06|Inspirational Myopia

"I feel like I'm trapped in a bubble. And it gets worse, I've hit a wall."


05|21 Things I Took Away From 2017

20.Don't drunk text him at 3am. "In retrospect, this always seems like good idea at the time..."

04|Masturdating: An Honest Experience

My closest, if not best friend, cannot ride a bike. “What?” I remember saying to her, my face wrought with disbelief.  “How can you not know how to ride a bike?” Wasn’t that a childhood rite of passage?  Her face all scrunched up, eyebrow raised in mock dismissal; she told me, “Don’t stress me, please.”... Continue Reading →

02|House Music Soul Music.

They say the only gift that mankind has been given from the heavens that they can carry with them after they die is music. So it’s not strange that everyone almost gets this question: “What kind of music do you like?” My answer to this is good music. Most of the time. One of my... Continue Reading →

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