08|Let Me Explain.

It's 5:30am. Bucie's vocals stream steadily out the house, to the balcony and into the semi-chilly dark morning into what is now my new neighborhood. It was at this same spot that I sat, warm beer in hand, as I watched the moon turn red. Maybe it was the alcohol or the residual fear that... Continue Reading →


Review: Gabrielle Union- We’re Going To Need More Wine

"Wah, si I have a story for you, heeh." That one sentence is enough to make me drop what I am doing, pull a chair up and pour my friend and I a glass of  imaginary wine, as I wait for her to spill the tea. Yaani, words cannot even explain how excited I get... Continue Reading →

04|Masturdating: An Honest Experience

My closest, if not best friend, cannot ride a bike. “What?” I remember saying to her, my face wrought with disbelief.  “How can you not know how to ride a bike?” Wasn’t that a childhood rite of passage?  Her face all scrunched up, eyebrow raised in mock dismissal; she told me, “Don’t stress me, please.”... Continue Reading →

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